MCA jailed over attempted prison break freed on bail

Lamu’s Mkomani ward MCA Yahya Shee has been released on bail after he filed an appeal.

Shee was sentenced to nine-and-a-half years in jail for attempting to help convicted drug traffickers break out of prison in 2017, among other crimes.

The MCA was also required to pay a Sh800,000 fine after he was found guilty of six counts.

The High Court in Malindi released him on Sh300,000 bail saying Shee has an arguable case on appeal.

The court also said the appeal process was likely to take longer in view of the preparation of records and admission of the applicant’s appeal for determination.

Another reason for his release, the court said, is that the applicant has previously been on bail and there is no evidence he breached any of the set conditions neither did he abscond.

The MCA, the court observed, has no prior criminal record and thus by virtue of being a first-time offender, there was no reason barring his release on bail.

The court also determined that the applicant has a fixed abode within its jurisdiction as he works with the Lamu county assembly.

“It’s the determination of this court that the applicant be and is hereby released on bond of Sh500,000 with a surety of identical amount or in the alternative a cash bail of Sh300,000,” the court ruled.