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J. Timothy

Oct 26, 2020

Trouble in Paradise: Size 8 And DJ Mo

The Kenyanpost news

All might not be rosy in DJ Mo and Size 8’s marriage after they were caught on camera recently having a heated argument in a restaurant. This comes a few days after reports emerged that the two were not in good terms and their marriage could be on its death bed, following allegations that DJ Mo was cheating. In the video that has gone viral, DJ Mo is seen trying to pull Size 8 to sit down for a conversation that she seems disinterested. “What you are telling me, just wait nkt!,”

Size 8 said as she stood up in anger. “Just sit here,” DJ Mo urged her as he clung to her arm. “I am not sitting down, leave me alone,” Size 8 says while pulling away. The two have been running a reality TV show with a local TV station and it is not clear whether the scene was part of the show or trouble is brewing for the Murayas, as they are popularly known. Size 8 has already unfollowed  DJ Mo on social media. In one of reality TV shows, Size 8 once said that she locked the DJ out of their house “after getting tired of him”, and a pastor was forced to intervene.

“I remember there was a time I was so tired of my husband that I threw him out and locked him outside. I did not want him in my house. He spoke to a pastor who calmed me down and convinced me to let DJ Mo return home,” she narrated. Size 8, a mother of two, has not posted anything on social media about her husband in the last few weeks.

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