by Harold Dunford Maloba
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Harold Dunford Maloba

Oct 23, 2020

Substances used to Spike drinks and drug people in Kenya

The Kenyanpost news

Attending parties puts you at a risk of having your drink or food spiked. This will get you robbed or raped without knowledge. Drink spiking is on the increase and mostly victims who fall to this have no clue of what happened to them as the drugs used lead to memory loss. Robber are also using some of these substances to drug people in public vehicles and stealing from them 

Below are some of the drugs used to spike drinks, beverages and food in Kenya


Commonly referred to as date rape pill is used to drug or spike drinks of unsuspecting victims and assaulting them or robbing them. Its odourless, tasteless and leaves the body quickly thus had to detect. An over the counter drug used to treat insomnia and as an anaesthetic sedates and incapacitates victims making them susceptible to assault. Victims lack memory of what happened after they got drugged

2.Recreational drugs like ecstasy, lysergic acid diethylamide

They are used for fun to alter sensations, increase pleasure and energy. Also called “molly” locally and occurs in powder, tablet or liquid form. Causes sexual arousal, altered vision, impulsivity and commonly used for sexual assaults.


GHB-a drug used to manage insomnia and anxiety is also used to drug individuals in Kenya

Mixed with alcohols and other drinks causes unconsciousness, euphoria   and victims get raped or robbed unknowingly.


Drug sold for anaesthetic purposes and also used for sedation. Occurs in liquid form and can be mixed with drinks causing hallucinations and incapacitates victims making prone to physical and sexual assault.


A sweet-smelling gas that is used as an anaesthetic. Used to drug, rob and assault people in matatus and clubs as victims loss consciousness


A benzodiazepine and used medically as sedative. Used to perpetrate raped and robbery when added to victims’ drinks or injected into their bodies as it leads to relaxation and euphoria. Criminals take advantage of this to assault their victims.


Locally called "mchele" and used by sex worker in clubs and entertainment joints. Stilnox is used to drug victims with intention of robbing or assaulting them as it renders them unconscious. Medically prescribed to manage insomnia and other sleeping problems.

Other drugs used include

Alprazolam or Xanax






muscle relaxants

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