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Oct 30, 2020

Weight Management Strategies

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Our weight and BMI (Body mass index) is something that is very important to watch .

WHO recommends a BMI of 18.5-24.5 kilogram/square metres. 

BMI is calculated as weight in kilograms / height in square metres.


Below 18.5 - Underweight .

18.5-24.9 - Normal weight.

25.0-29.9 - Pre-obesity.

30.0- 34.9 - Obesity class 1.

35.039.9 - Obesity class 2.

Above 40 - Obesity class 3.

Being overweight comes with its own effects and being underweight has its effects too.

It is therefore very vital to work to our level best to stay average and keep fit.

Some causes of being overweight .

Low metabolism rate. Metabolism is the rate at which the body converts food into energy.During this process, calories in foods and drinks combine with oxygen to form energy. For some people, the metabolism is slow, this therefore means, less calories will be burnt to form energy hence more of them will be converted to fats and stored. This leads to faster weight gain .

Poor eating habits. Consuming foods with more calory contents such as carbohydrates , fatty and processed foods, sugary foods often lead to faster weight gain.

Poor physical activity. Physical activity really helps in burning calories since energy will be required. If no energy is required, most of the calories will be stored in the body in form of fats hence weight gain. 

Hormonal changes. Some of the hormones responsible for controlling weight are estrogen , progesterone , thyroid hormones, testosterone and insulin. Low production of these hormones in the body due to factors such as menopause and hypothyroidism interfere with th body's functioning hence weight gain. 

Effects of being overweight.

The main effects are lifestyle  diseases. Some of these lifestyle diseases are :

√ Hypertension.

√ Diabete type 2.

√ Heart diseases.

√ stroke.

√ Osteoarthritis. 

Others are ; High cholesterol levels , breathing difficulties, sleep difficulties and kidney disease .

Losing weight .

There are just two main ways of managing excess weight.

Healthy eating and engaging in physical exercise.

Healthy eating. 

This is the main way of losing weight. Research says that weight loss is 98% diet and 2% exercise.

Healthy eating  involves ;

√ Eating more fruits and vegetables than other foods. These contain low calories.

√ Drinking a lot of water. Hydration helps in promoting digestion hence enables the body to body to get rid of excess fats .

√ Avoid fizzy drinks , processed and sugary foods . These tend to have more caloric content compared to that required by the body.

√ Eating times. Supper should be eaten early enough so ad to allow enough time for digestion before one goes to sleep. This is because whenever one goes to sleep ,less energy is required hence more food is converted to fats for storage 

√ Portion. In terms of portion , more food should be eaten during breakfast and lunch-time. And less eaten during supper . In terms of components , vegetables and fruits should be more , followed by proteins and carbohydates should be the least. 

√  Avoid excess alcohol .Alcohol leads to weight gain by providing the body with surplus calories and also, the body concentrates on breaking down alcohol instead of fats , this therefore means the fat will be stored . 

√ Intermittent fasting whereby one skips a meal or two in a day. This is to reduce the amount of calories the body gets. Sometimes it could be too much for those whose metabolism rate is low.

Physical exercise.

Physical exercise can be in form of walking , running , rope skipping , body training exercises such as seat-ups, riding a bicycle , aerobic exercises such as swimming , dancing , weight lifting etc.

All these help the body in burning calories hence less of it will be stored as fat in the body. 

Each kind of exercise burns different amount of calories.

One is supposed to choose the kind of exercises they are comfortable with and indulge in them.

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