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Oct 30, 2020

Muthama Accused Of Taking 5 Million Donated By Ruto To AIC Tala

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Last week an issue  arose in one of the Muthama’s meetings in Ukambani where our insider has discovered that the meeting participants had failed to agree on a formidable sharing formula on how to share money donated by the Deputy President.

The narrative of richness and fame for  former Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama came to a limelight debate emerged of  mumblings s on why the former senator would steal money donated to a church.

The DP’s recent visit at Tala AIC flagged by his newfound ally in Ukambani left a number of key political players tongue-wagging even more after his monetary donations that the political class had already planned to steal.

The former senator is accused of having planted the recent Tala chaos to pocket the money which DP Ruto had given as a donation to the local AIC church in the area

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Reports have it that one of the close bosom friend ranted in disgust as he questioned the formula used to distribute the cash after receiving a mere Ksh 2000 out of the 5 million chunks.

One anonymous Mama Mboga explained how Muthama schemed a plan to plant some goons to heckle and chase him. Then he will pocket the money and lie to Ruto that his pockets have been ransacked by Wiper goons.

We advise Ruto to tread with these guys from ukambani with a lot of care, they are just milking is money to enrich themselves.

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