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Oct 30, 2020

Atwoli's Daughter Graduates In a Low Key Ceremony

The Kenyanpost news

Outspoken Central Organization of Trade Unions  leader Francis Atwoli has celebrated his daughter, Maria Atwoli’s graduation in style. The guy does not spare even a coin when it comes to these things. 

Through His Twitter account , He went ahead to reveal 

    Francis Atwoli -  "Congratulations my daughter @atwolimaria on your graduation as a lawyer. Always proud of you."

The 70-year-old trade unionist and politician was accompanied by his 36-year-old wife Mary Kilobi Atwoli. The KTN journalist shared amazing photos of the event and the graduation celebration was indeed colorful.

The flamboyant leader has  17 children and Maria is one of them. She first came to the attention of the public in 2018 when her photos surfaced online. She is very beautiful. Blogs were awash with her photos around that period.

As one would expect of Atwoli, he sought the services of a live band during Maria’s lavish graduation party.

Those who know him well know how much he loves Rhumba music. There are some Congolese musicians who produced a song praising him. The song is called ‘Atwoli Mwana Zambe’ by Evala Mbuta featuring Nyboma and it is very danceable.


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