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Oct 26, 2020

Martha Karua Faults Uhuru over Poor relations with his Dp

The Kenyanpost news

NARC Kenya party leader Martha Karua has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to properly work with his deputy, William Ruto or equally resign and allow Kenyans to go for elections again instead of hitting back to his Deputy through his close associates .

 Speaking on Day Break show on Tuesday, Karua said that one cannot vacate office and leave the other on as they constitute the Presidency. “The occupier of the Office of President must be conscious, at all times, that his mandate is together with his deputy, and if he feels that they can no longer work together, the government can resign and we will elect another president with his deputy,” said Karua.

“They’re joined at the hip, calls for one to go and not the other I think is a skewed application of the law. For the duration of their term, they must suffer each other, it is possible to work with people you don’t ordinarily agree with because the office is not personal space; it’s a public space.”

 She also said the president was setting a dangerous precedent on how to treat deputies, especially for the governors. “Moving forward, we need to see that the holder of the office of president treats his deputy with decorum, and if there are disagreements, they should be in their boardroom, not out in the public. And if the situation becomes untenable, then they can vacate and let other people carry on.”

 Karua has been a keen critic to the Kenyatta government on implementation of the constitution and the bill of rights. Many have also closely associated her with the Tangatanga political wing. "If the Uhuru administration continues to apply the law in a skewed manner, they are forcing Kenya into civil strife. It's not enough to hold National Prayers or ask for forgiveness under the guise of building bridges while breaking existing bridges" She also added .

Daily Nation reported on Friday that during the meeting chaired by the president, the DP was put on the defense over heightened premature campaigns witnessed over the recent past including the Muranga chaos .

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