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Oct 30, 2020

Martha Karua accusses the Executive of selective application of law in Kenya.

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On 15th October Narc Kenya led by its party leader Martha Karua addressed the growing trend of illegality propagated by the state and state agencies." It is now time for Kenyans to stand up, speak up and reject these well - documented to overthrow the constitution of Kenya. " Karua stated in her Twitter account.

She has claimed that failure of state agency police and Ministry of Interior led to politically motivated violence that had been planned and executed without the state trying to prevent it. The NIS are paid by Kenyans and has the ability to track plans to undermine the law and prevent them before happening. This failure is the one that led to the Murang’a killings. We must hold the leadership of specific agencies and the ministry of Interior reliable.Earlier on

Martha Karua had hit on the president concerning poor relations with his Dp

"If the President feels he can No longer work with the Deputy, the government can resign and we will Elect another President with his Deputy. What precedence is he setting of how a President should treat a deputy or how Governors should treat their deputies? "

"This is a wakeup call. Rise up to your duties, adhere to your oath of office...You are the president of Kenya, not of a faction, not of friends and you must not let chaos and anarchy under your watch," Karua stated.

She further claimed that there are double standards in implementation of the law where the police facilitate rallies for close associates of Uhuru and Raila to take place while they disrupt aligned to Ruto. The police must refuse to be used by one side of the political divide but should serve all Kenyans with equal measures.

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